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Yellow Rose Life Coaching

People often ask, "Why the name Yellow Rose Life Coaching?"

The answer is simple: the Yellow Rose was our mom's favorite flower.

The name is a tribute to her.

For the last several years of her life, our mother lived in my home. My sister Patty (a single mom) was raising her small children nearby,  so for many years this was our family unit: Patty and I caring for her kids and our mom.

Life got "very busy."

Many times as Mom aged, she and I would have wonderful conversations about time…and how our time is limited; time is the one commodity we can never increase; once you’ve “spent” time on something, that time is gone.

I'm Coach Eileen, and I work with business leaders, retirees, professionals, caregivers, university students, and many other "very busy" people.









                                                      Our mother, Pauline Hughes, between daughters Patty and Coach Eileen in 2012.



You need to get things done.

But knowing what to do and actually doing it can be two very different things. I help you get the things done that you know you need to do. For over 20 years I have worked with very talented people who struggle with time management. Studying the phenomenon of time and efficiencies has become my obsession.  

And, fortunately for you, I have a deep understanding of what you need to get things done.

I’ve spent a lot of my time traveling the globe and exploring for myself the wonders of various customs —

around North and South America, through Europe, in North Africa, India, and parts of Asia.

Mom always taught us to seek the good in people, to see the best in every culture we experienced.

Through my experiences, I learned that people the world over all smile, and laugh, and cry. 

We all have hopes and goals and dreams.  And only so much time.












                               Young Patty with Coach Eileen in New York City in 1986.



I decided to get my Coaching Certification and offer services as a way to help people transform their lives -

one conversation at a time. 

Over the years, Patty and I have become dear friends as well as sisters.  We both believe in the tenacity and love of the human spirit. Together we offer workshops and other transformative events through our company,

Yellow Rose Life Coaching.

Coach Eileen and sister Patty collaborating through the years.

We can help you to consciously design your life and maximize the use of your time.


Contact us today to get started.


As time moves on, one thing is certain:  Your life will change.

- Coach Eileen

Coach Eileen is  certified by the

International Coach Federation (ICF) as an

Associate Certified Coach,

 ICF-accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)  as a

Certified Professional Coach,


Master Practitioner

of the Energy Leadership Index.

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