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Your Life Will Change

Every day brings changes to your life.

Every day.

These changes sometimes begin to transform our lives without us even noticing, until one fine day we find ourselves on the other side of a complete metamorphosis.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could determine what changes would take place in your life? Well, the good news is that, to some extent, you can!

After a certain age many of us know exactly what we want in life. How many times have you written down a list of your goals, your five year plan, your this-time-I’m-really-going-to-do-it course of action? Only to lose that piece of paper, the desire, the hope.

What is stopping you?

We are often blind to what is in our way, and working with a coach can sometimes help. A coach can help identify all the reasons we have for why we can’t do, or haven’t yet done, what we want to do. When we can name the fear, the concern, the challenge – when we can put our finger on exactly why we resist the very thing we say we want – that’s the moment when we begin to create the change, rather than having life change us.

One thing is certain:

Your life will change.