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Epic Transformations

Everyone has a story to tell – a story of some great metamorphosis in life. At least, anyone past the age of 5. I find it very interesting that every person I meet, from whatever background, from whatever culture…no matter where or how they grew up… Everyone has a story to tell about a transformation, a transition in life.

Some transitions are epic sagas of transformation akin to Luke

Skywalker’s evolution in the Star Wars series, or Bilbo’s radical change in The Lord of the Rings. Other changes are smaller, less obvious, and just as significant.

Think of your story of transition or transformation. Perhaps you got married or divorced, someone you love passed away and you had to move on. Maybe you changed jobs, were fired, or were promoted. You started school, you graduated, you flunked out. Maybe, like me, you decided at some point to re-create your life and begin again.

Whatever your personal adventure, you are the protagonist, traveling through unknown worlds and unforeseen challenges. The hero of the story (you, again!) is tested, tossed about, and eventually emerges from their plight… changed. A variation of your earlier self surfaces and you are often stronger or wiser for it. Mystics often call this your hero’s adventure.

After a time the story is retold with explanations of events and interpretations of their meaning. The narrator (yes, you, again) gleans insights in the retelling that others may not understand. Why is this? Because, as the hero in your own adventure, you have an inner dialogue that accompanies you on the journey. This dialogue, often unheard by others, is the basis of the stories we tell ourselves – stories which either empower or diminish us.

The conversion takes place consciously or not. You will have adventures as you live and you will emerge changed in some way. So why not choose consciously? Why not determine how you want to change right up front. Why not design your adventures to the extent possible to actually be at cause in your life, rather than at its effect. As your Coach, I can help you actually create your next surprising metamorphosis!

Let’s tell ourselves stories of epic transformations. Here’s to your next hero’s adventures!