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Make the Time

As a time management and efficiency expert, one of the questions I hear most often is:

Can you give me some tips on how to better manage my time?

Well, yes, I can.

I have lots of tips.

Lots of people have lots of tips.

Walk into any bookstore and you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of books dedicated to providing tips on how to manage your time. How to better achieve work-life balance. How to structure your calendar, your day, your life.

So with all this great advice out there, why are so many people still struggling with time?

Why do otherwise highly intelligent people still fail at managing their time?

Maybe it’s because they have lost sight of the goal. Or, more correctly, the goal behind the goal.

Ask yourself:

  • What will better time management provide? (the goal)

  • Why do you want to achieve that goal? (the goal behind the goal)

When the goal behind the goal is important enough, you “find time” to get things done.

Did you ever miss filing a federal tax return? With the exception of a few CPAs I know, I don’t know many people who enjoy filing federal tax returns. But most of us do it. Most of us “find time” to get it done. Why? Because we want to follow the law. Because we want to contribute our fair share. Because we want to live in a society.

The “task” of filing the return is really a way we meet our larger goals. When those goals are important enough, when we value the results enough, we “find time” to get the tasks done. We don’t really need any more tips. We just need to act. Take the next step. To "make" the time.

What's stopping you?

All the greatest tips, the best systems, will fail if you don't use them.

But if you still want a tip, here you go: throw out your “to-do” lists. Put tasks directly in your calendar. "Find" the time.

I work with highly intelligent, very busy people to help you master your time in every area of your life. It all starts with a look at how you are spending your time. I work with you to identify and challenge your beliefs around time to create new, more efficient habits. Your life will change.

To work with Time Management and Efficiency Expert Coach Eileen, go to the Home page and click "Start Now" to set up an introductory session. Make the time.