Looking for business and career coaching?

Looking for business and career coaching?


Stop talking about how busy you are!

You don't need more time.

You need Coach Eileen.

Get 1-on-1 time management coaching.

Coach Eileen's suggestion for getting started: 

"Every day, focus on your purpose for that day.

Focus and take action."

Easier said than done - which is why

working with Coach Eileen

is the smartest thing you can do now with your time!

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We partner with you

to create powerful, customized workshops to bring your teams to a higher potential.


 Participants made their

Declarations for 2019 at a recent

Yellow Rose Life Coaching workshop


 Coach Eileen


You play many roles in life, usually with a good deal of success.  You've experienced the highs and lows, and you always seem to land on your feet. Yet, you know there is more to you.

How can you awaken your extraordinary potential in every day life?

We all have been branded by emotionally-charged events in our lives.

Our thoughts generate feelings and emotions.

Based on what you think and feel

about yourself, and

about the people around you,

you create your reality.

As your thoughts about yourself and others change,

so does your life.

One thing is certain: your life will change.

Some transitions are epic sagas of transformation

while others are smaller, less obvious, and

just as significant.

You are the protagonist in your life's adventures,

often traveling through new territories and unforeseen challenges.

You long to tap into your true potential and

Be Who You Truly Are.


           Declaration for 2019! 

Yellow Rose Life Coaching Workshop

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ELI Assessment and Debrief

Uncover attitudes and beliefs that help you to motivate yourself and others. Online assessment and 60-90 minute coaching debrief with Coach Eileen, Master Practitioner of the ELI


Introductory Session

Is coaching right for you? In this one-time introductory conversation via phone or teleconference, you explore possibilities. Your life will change.


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