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  Feb 9, 2019

        Austin, TX

  Your life will change.

“Today, we have opened the window of possibilities, but this will become bigger and better when you do one very important thing: You take time for yourself to continue to dream, to visualize and to create a plan that you commit to follow, consistently, until it becomes your new way of living.”

                                                              -Coach Mariana

What will I Learn in the February 9 Workshop

Join our Workshop February 9, 2019 and Learn:

Simplify the Code

Decipher how you arrived at who you are today.

- Identify what happiness feels like for yourself

- Clarify your path forward

Understand Energy Levels 

Learn how to rewire your brain to change your life

- Understand how feelings have defined you in the past

- Explore how you are a product of a belief system

Make Your Declarations

Proclaim a Personal Declaration for 2019

- Create your game plan to create your reality


 Coaching in Action

Create the Support You Deserve

- Work with our Certified Professional Coaches in mini-coaching sessions